Psychogenic Amenorrhea

What is Psychogenic Amenorrhea?

Psycho-emotional disorders, acute or chronic emotional and psychological injuries in the reproductive period can cause secondary amenorrhea.

Causes of Psychogenic Amenorrhea

An example of psychogenic amenorrhea is “wartime amenorrhea.” Amenorrhea under stress is due to a change in the secretion of hormones and mediators that affect the secretion of gonadoliberins. Under the influence of stress, there is an excessive secretion of endogenous opioids, which reduce the formation of dopamine, and a decrease in the formation and secretion of gonadoliberins. This leads to a decrease in the release of gonadotropins.

Symptoms of Psychogenic Amenorrhea

Clinical picture: sudden cessation of menstruation on the background of asthenoneurotic, asthenodepressive or asthenoipochondria syndrome.

Diagnosis of Psychogenic Amenorrhea

The diagnosis is established based on a typical medical history and clinical presentation. In hormonal studies, monotonous blood levels of LH and FSH are detected. Prolonged amenorrhea leads to a slight decrease in the uterus.

Treatment of Psychogenic Amenorrhea

Treatment with a neuropsychiatrist gives a positive effect. Treatment is aimed at normalizing living conditions, eliminating stress. The use of antidepressants and antipsychotics enhances the inhibition of the gonadotropic function of the pituitary gland, therefore, after their cancellation there is no rapid restoration of menstrual function. Vitamin therapy is indicated.

After the elimination of psychopathological manifestations, replenishment of the deficit of body weight in the absence of self-restoration of menstruation, cyclic hormone therapy is possible.